u2ehuWe have received notice from Intuit that they are discontinuing the Intuit Payment Network as of May 2016, therefore we are moving to erentpayment.com for collection of rent payments electronically from April 2016 forward.

We hope this doesn’t cause an inconvenience for you, we have staged everything for each tenant so all you will need to do is set up your renter’s account with your bank account information and set up either a one time payment or recurring payments, which ever you’d prefer.

The best part, you can opt-in to credit reporting, and have your rent payments reported to the credit bureau to help build your credit!

You’ll need a code to bind your account to the property, please let us know if you don’t have it and we’ll gladly provide it.

Login here: https://www.erentpayment.com/login.aspx

Sign up here: https://www.erentpayment.com/CreateAccount.aspx

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Older news:

04 18 2012 –


254698_300.jpgKeypad locks have been installed at 736 Charlton Court.

USPS, and UPS are aware of the door code, but we have not caught the FedEx delivery man yet.
If you would like your code changed, please let us know either in person or via email.

A code has been set to be used for deliveries.  That code will change from time to time.  We will notify all tenants if / when a change occurs.  We also will be passing out keys to all tenants for the back door in case of battery failure.